Ferrari 812 Competizione: V12 engine with 830 hp and 9500 rpm

Now it’s official: Die limited special version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast is called 812 Competizione. As already suspected in advance, there will also be an open version, the 812 Competizione A. To the Price and the number of pieces Ferrari hasn’t said anything yet. This is what distinguishes the new special model from the normal Ferrari 812 Superfast!

● Limited special model of the Ferrari 812 Superfast
● Name is 812 Competizione
● Also available as Targa version 812 Competizione A.
● Most powerful Ferrari V12 in a production car
● 830 hp
● Maximum speed 9500 rpm
● 38 kilos lighter than an 812 Superfast
● completely new aerodynamics
● All-wheel steering
● Optional carbon rims

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The recipe is the same as the previous 599 GTO and F12 Tdf: more power, less weight, improved aerodynamics. Ferrari also built numerous technical innovations to make the special model even more agile and faster. Next All-wheel steering, an updated Side Slip Control (SSC 7.0) and Michelin Sport Cup 2 R tires the seven-speed dual clutch transmission was recalibrated and should now enable five percent faster shift times. The heart of 812 Competizione and Competizione A however is the V12!

Ferrari 812 Competizione

The aluminum structure instead of the rear window is a particularly striking feature of the new special model.

Last front-engined Ferrari without electrification?

The most important performance data are: The 6.5 liter naturally aspirated engine performs in the new special model 830 hp and thus advances to strongest series V12that Ferrari has ever built. At least as impressive is the one on incredible 9500 rpm increased maximum speed – that too is a record for a street legal Ferrari. Compared to the 812 Superfast, the limited special model has 30 hp more, which is due, among other things, to a new valve control and a new exhaust system. Ferrari has already given a small sound sample of the V12 in a short video and the sound is really brutal – only a naturally aspirated engine can sound like this. In addition to the pure emotions, the special model is damn fast: The 100 km / h mark falls after 2.85 seconds (812 Superfast in 2.9 seconds), 200 km / h is on the speedometer after just 7.5 seconds (812 Superfast in 7.9 seconds). The Italians simply indicate the top speed with more than 340 km / h. In addition, the probability is very high that the 812 Competizione will be the last V12 front-engined Ferrari that can do without electrification!

Ferrari 812 Competizione

On the 812 Competizione A, the windshield merges optically into the side windows.

38 kilos lighter than an 812 Superfast

At the same time, Ferrari has that Weight of the 812 Competizione compared to the 812 Superfast decrease by 38 pounds can. The Italians put the dry weight at 1487 kilos – an impressive figure for a 4.70 meter long sports car with a large 6.5 liter V12 under the hood. The savings are primarily due to the increased use of carbon. In addition, the aerodynamics of the limited special model has been completely redesigned. It is worth taking a look at the details. It is obvious that the 812 Competizione differs significantly from the 812 Superfast – innovations wherever you look. The best example is the rear end, which has almost nothing in common with the base vehicle. Instead of one Pane of glass the special model carries a one-piece aluminum structurethat extends into the roof. The Targa version Competizione A (A stands for Aperta) is delivered with a carbon roof that can be precisely fitted in the trunk. The diffuser is much more powerful than on the 812 Superfast, and the rectangular exhaust pipes move all the way to the outside for an optimal flow of the diffuser. In addition, the Competizione has a rear spoiler disguised as a spoiler lip, which is supposed to be reminiscent of the Ferrari 330 P3 / P4.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

XXL diffuser, two rectangular tailpipes and a massive spoiler lip characterize the rear.

The front of the Ferrari 812 Competizione is reminiscent of the F12 TRS

But that’s not all. The Engine Hood is made by a broad Carbon horizontal stripes dominates. In addition, the air intakes next to the headlights have been saved, which results in a cleaner look. The front apron is completely new and, with the gigantic radiator grille, is reminiscent of the Ferrari F12 TRS, which is limited to two copies. Behind this is a revised cooling system. In the profile, the first thing you notice are the new, filigree rims and the air outlets behind the front and rear wheels. The rear spoiler can also be clearly seen in this view. For a surcharge, Ferrari offers, for example with the 488 Pista, Carbon rims for the 812 Competizione – a novelty for a V12 model from the Italians.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

The interior is reserved. At first glance, not as much has been changed here as on the body.

Ferrari has not yet given any details on the number of units

Even if Ferrari didn’t say anything about the price or the limitation at the official presentation, it should be clear: Just like the predecessors 599 GTO and F12 Tdf, the special model of the 812 is also limited. Insiders speak of 799 pieces, so it would be just as rare as the 780 hp F12 Tdf. Unlike the F12 Tdf, the Italians launched the 812 Competizione A, an open version of the special model right at the market launch. There was no such thing with the predecessor. In the 599 GTO, the 599 SA Aperta, which is limited to only 80 units, was added. An XX variant for pure racetrack use, such as the 599XX, would also be conceivable. Incidentally, the price should only play a minor role for most Ferrari customers, because the limited special models usually increase in value over the years. It is much more important to get one of the coveted models at all, as these are usually sold out long before the presentation.

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