Ferrari 812 special model: 812 VS or 812 GTO?

Now it’s official: Die limited special version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast will be presented soon. In a video sent to potential customers just in time for Enzo Ferrari’s birthday (February 18), the new model is presented as a Versione Speciale, VS for short, announced. That this is the hardcore version of the 812 is certain. However, the name is still unclear. The abbreviation VS has been associated with the special model since the first spy sightings, but rumor has it that it could just be an internal abbreviation.

Last V12 front-engined Ferrari without electrification?

One thing is certain: Ferrari makes the 812 Superfast even faster! With a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 that produces 800 hp and 718 Nm maximum torque, the 812 is rightly known as Superfast. 100 km / h are reached after only 2.9 seconds, up to 200 km / h just 7.9 seconds pass, and the end is only at 340 km / h. But the 812 VS should have even more power – and it could be the last V12 front-engined Ferrari that gets by without electrification!
The first prototypes of the extra-fast 812 have been doing their laps on the streets and the in-house test track in Fiorano since summer 2020, but so far there have been very few details. One thing is certain: Just like the predecessors 599 GTO and F12 Tdf, the special model of the 812 will also be limited. Insiders speak of 799 pieces, so it would be just as rare as the 780 hp F12 Tdf. Other, unconfirmed sources even report two versions of the upcoming 812 (coupé and convertible), after all, Ferrari has already presented the 812 GTS. But an XX version for pure racetrack use like the 599XX would also be conceivable.

Slightly camouflaged prototypes are on the way

In any case, the only slightly camouflaged prototypes do not reveal much: Only the rear is camouflaged to hide the large diffuser. The AUTO BILD illustrator has drawn a possible 812 VS / GTO (see video above). The result provides for the three historic air vents on the rear fenders, which also adorn the 250 GTO and the F12 Tdf. In addition, the diffuser and side skirts are one size larger than the normal 812 Superfast. The special model is rounded off by new rims. Optional carbon rims such as Ferrari offers on the 488 Pista would also be conceivable.

On a Erlkönig video we can hear the Hardcore-812 in action on the test track in Fiorano. The downshifts in particular sound brutal, the sound when accelerating sounds a bit muffled, which is possibly due to an OPF. In all likelihood, the 6.5-liter V12 will be pushed up to 860 hp. At the same time, the weight should be drastically reduced and the aerodynamics improved.

812 VS or 812 GTO?

The 599 GTO is so far the last Ferrari that is allowed to wear the legendary abbreviation.

Let’s get back to the name: Even with the predecessor F12 Tdf and the 488 Pista, there was always speculation about the legendary GTO abbreviation. The legendary epithet appears again and again with the new special model 812, but that is not official. The last GTO model so far remains the 599 GTO from 2010. It remains to be seen whether the special model will ultimately be called 812 VS, 812 GTO or something completely different. Only the recipe remains the same: more power, less weight, improved aerodynamics!


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