Ferrari Daytona SP3: This Ferrari breaks all boundaries

Maranello is launching exactly 599 copies of the Daytona SP3. Only those who have already been considered for the predecessors SP1 or SP2 may sign a purchase contract. There were only 499 of them in 2018.
The proportion of those who pass up this opportunity is likely to be negligible – despite the purchase price of around 2,000,000 euros. The price is irrelevant anyway. Two million is play money for the clientele – especially since it is already clear that this car will never have to struggle with depreciation.
Ferrari Daytona SP3
Aerodynamics in the sill area: Air is sucked in behind the rear-view mirror and exits in front of the rear wheels.

A minimum holding time is in the purchase contract, as we were told, but actually only pro forma. Anyone who has been given a Daytona is not so quick to give it back. One is sure of that at Ferrari.

The car itself has nothing to do with the actual Daytona – or with the car that has become known as the Daytona: the 365 GTB/4. Rather, Ferrari wants to refer to the 24-hour race in Daytona in 1967. The unforgettable Lorenzo Bandini, who was to lose his life in a terrible fire accident in Monaco that same year, and New Zealander Chris Amon won in a 330 P4 – ahead of two other Ferraris.

Focus on design with the Ferrari Daytona SP3

The SP3 is also clearly based on this 330: the wrap-around windshield, the flics on the front, the horizontal elements behind the drive axle, mirrors mounted on the front fenders. All stylistic elements deliberately chosen by chief designer Flavio Manzoni, who enjoyed development priority over the engineers on this project.
Ferrari Daytona SP3
Everything for the driver: Even more extreme than other Ferraris, the controls are fully geared towards the pilot.

Nevertheless, the Daytona SP3 is of course also a high-performance representative of its kind. Not surprising when you take a look at the performance data above: 840 hp is the maximum that Ferrari has been able to squeeze out of the 6.5-liter V12 in a production model so far, another 10 hp more than in the already limited 812 Competizione. Meanwhile, the chassis is based on the LaFerrari, and the seven-speed double clutch is also a further development.

Ferrari proud of missing wings

There were no serious difficulties in adapting the drive train from the front mid-engine sports car to the SP3. A few logical modifications in the exhaust system, that’s it. It adopts titanium connecting rods and an even lighter crankshaft from the Competizione, as does the maximum speed of 9500 rpm.

In terms of aerodynamics, Ferrari is particularly proud of the fact that it did not have any active wings at all. Much of the necessary downforce is generated on the floor of the car via a vacuum skirt system. The air ducts in the doors, between the axles, basically work like the S-Duct system on the front of the F8 Tributo. Air is sucked in and hits a hidden wing in front of the rear axle, is directed upwards and creates a cooling effect on the one hand and downforce on the other.
Ferrari Daytona SP3
Filigree horizontal struts under the rear lights, two high tailpipes create space for a massive diffuser.

Inside, bucket seats that are screwed firmly to the chassis are confusing at first. The pedal unit and steering wheel are adjustable to make room for taller customers. That works quite well for giant seats up to about 1.90 meters, but with my long-legged 1.96 editor’s meters I don’t stand a chance. Kneecaps and dashboard are always firmly pressed together, driving is out of the question. Congratulations, colleague Naumann, you have won a driving appointment – if the Daytona SP3 ever gets into the hands of journalists.

The rest of the cockpit is no surprise, the most modern version of the steering wheel comes with touch surfaces instead of buttons, a curved 16-inch display behind it shows all the necessary information, we know the gear selection scenery in the look of the classic manual switch from Roma, for example. And the 100 remaining SP3? They go to those markets that once didn’t get SP1/SP2.


We will rarely, if ever, see the majority of the 599 copies on the road. In a small series, Ferrari celebrates the V12 vacuum again. An unadulterated high-revving super sports car. fantastic!

Specifications and price: Ferrari Daytona SP3

• ENGINE V12, center rear longitudinal
• POWER 618 kW (840 hp) at 9250 rpm
• MAX. TORQUE 697 Nm at 7250 rpm
• DRIVE Rear wheel, 7-speed dual clutch
• L/W/H 4686/2050/1142 mm
• CURRENT WEIGHT 1485 kg (dry)
• 0-100/200KM/H 2.85/7.4s
• TOP 340 km/h
• PRICE about 2,000,000 euros

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