Ferrari disaster in Mugello: Vettel explains debacle in one sentence

Vettel explains debacle in Ferrari’s living room

Ferrari could not shine in the anniversary race either. This is what Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc say after the race.

“There weren’t many who were slower than us today.” Sebastian Vettel’s merciless record of Ferrari’s home game at the Tuscan GP.

In addition to the track, Ferrari put on a great show for the 1000th Scuderia Grand Prix. But on the in-house slope in Mugello, the burgundy-red performance of a traditional team with a budget of around 400 million euros was not worthy of: Charles Leclerc came eighth, Sebastian Vettel tenth.
In the end, Vettel even had to defend himself against George Russell’s Williams and crossed the finish line behind Kimi Räikkönen’s Alfa Romeo – although the Finn received a 5-second penalty.
Brutal: Leclerc had already worked his way up from fifth on the grid through the starter crash to third, but was then sniffed out. First by Lance Stroll, then by Daniel Ricciardo, then by Alex Albon. It looked like the Ferrari was standing.

Ferrari only got five points at the anniversary

Leclerc’s honest conclusion: “The biggest problem at the moment is: we are slow. I can’t remember the crazy race, only that we were constantly too slow. “

Vettel also speaks plain language: “I don’t feel like describing the whole race. We just didn’t have the pace. This is also our maximum with the synchronized motor modes. That is of course very sobering. We just didn’t have the grip to attack. “

For Ferrari President John Elkann it must be frustrating to see his two red racers drive in front of the assembled Ferrari celebrities at the back of the field. “Of course our fans are disappointed now and they let us know”, he admits and still supports his team. “But I know we have the right people, in terms of skills, competence and passion, that will enable us to win again. In one thing I am absolutely certain that we will win more races than before at the next thousand grands prix. “

Ferrari now has two weeks to get the red racer back on its feet. Vettel reveals: “In Sotchi we have been getting new parts for a long time and I hope that it will be better.”

Hope dies last.


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