Ferrari F40 new edition drawn by Kia designer

To do something Car designer in her spare time? Draw cars! At least in the case of Marcell Sebestyen, Senior Exterior Designer at Kia. Sebestyen, who was also involved in the design process of the Kia Stinger, has a sketch for one on his Instagram account futuristic remake of the Ferrari F40 published – unofficial, of course.

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The Ferrari F40 is one automobile legend. It was launched in 1987 as the last model developed under the direction of company founder Enzo Ferrari and was a resounding success. Instead of 450 originally planned copies left between 1987 and 1992 a total of 1315 F40s the factory in Maranello. Of the Unit price lay back then at least 444,000 DM, cost today well-kept specimens between 1.5 and 2.5 million euros. The folding headlights and the huge, fixed wing at the rear are characteristic of the 478 hp F40 – the design comes from Pininfarina.

Black instead of classic Ferrari red

Now Marcell Sebestyen has sketched one out of sheer joy New edition of the icon tried – and it really worked. The designer decided against the classic Ferrari red “Rosso Corsa” and a black finish. The sketch shows the modern F40 very slightly at an angle from behind, so that Trademark, i.e. the rear wing, can be seen prominently. Small detail on the side: Instead of four vertical air slots, the F40 designed by Sebestyen has only three on the wing sides. That is much more interesting continuous strip of lightswhich replaces the four round taillights of the original.
The side air intakes are just like that bikes, oversubscribed. That Rim design is based on that of the original 17-inch Speedline wheelsseeming to be detached from the tires. Unfortunately, there is no sketch of the front, so it is left to the imagination whether the F40 of the 21st century has pop-up headlights. At this point I would like to expressly point out that this is a unofficial sketch which Sebestyen only drew for fun. However, Ferrari should move on after the just featured Daytona SP3 to pay homage to the F40 as part of the Icona series, there is already a design inspiration here.

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