Ferrari Portofino: That’s how much 600 hp cost in leasing

Leasing offer for the big purse: Ferrari has just presented the first SUV in the company’s history, but it will be some time before the first Purosangue customer vehicles are delivered. To bridge the waiting time, commercial customers can currently lease a Ferrari Portofino with 600 hp and a speed of over 320 km/h!
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) there is currently a Ferrari Portofino in classic “Rosso Corsa” in commercial leasing – but the 600 hp convertible is not a bargain.
The Portofino is a three-year-old example with a mileage of 35,400 kilometers – quite high for a Ferrari. The monthly rate is 2015.97 euros net (2399 euros gross) with a contract period of 48 months and 7500 free kilometers per year. (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

Driving a Ferrari for almost 100,000 euros for four years

A down payment is not necessary, but a one-time brokerage fee of 1679.83 euros net (1999 euros gross). The bottom line is that the leasing customer pays a hefty 98,446.39 euros net (2015.97 euros times 48 plus 1679.83 euros) to drive a Ferrari for four years.

As an alternative, you can also take a look at the used car market worth. The Portofino, presented in 2018 as the successor to the Ferrari California, is not being traded for less than 200,000 euros, but given the expected residual value after four years, a purchase could be worthwhile.

However, anyone who does not want to worry about a possible resale should calculate this leasing offer carefully. As this is a used vehicle, the offer is only available once. A positive side effect: the 600 hp Portofino is available at short notice within two to eight weeks. According to, the offer may no longer be available at short notice due to high demand. An overview of all interesting leasing deals can be found here!

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