Fewer and fewer people want to work longer hours

Of all Dutch people between the ages of 15 and 75, about 9 million people were in paid work in the second quarter of this year. Of these, 759,000 people wanted to work more hours than they were doing at the time. This concerns people who work an average of more than 2.5 days a week, and who would like to have an extra 1.5 days.

In 2014, the desire to work more hours was still alive among 1 million workers, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Unemployment fell in about the same period.

Prefer to work less

The number of workers who want to work fewer hours has increased. In 2012, 520,000 people wanted to take it easy, this year there are 682,000.

This also plays a role in sectors where the personnel shortage is very acute, such as healthcare and technology. In these two occupational groups, the number of part-timers who want to work more is outnumbered by the number who want to work less.

This is not the case in the transport sector and education, where there is also an acute shortage of personnel. And also in the service sector, which includes cleaning and catering, there are more people who would love to work some extra hours than there are people who want to work less.

ICT is an exception

This does not apply to the group of business economics and administrative professions, which include accountants, consultants and HR employees. Here too, there are more people who want to work less than people who want to work more.

The majority of all professions want to continue working the same number of hours. The only sector in which more people want to work more in the past seven years is ICT.

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