Fewer offices became homes | We can go to America again | And Facebook whistleblower in Brussels

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Living in a former office or shop. The number of homes in vacant office and retail properties has fallen sharply in the damned corona year 2020. And that is, well, mainly just news for starters.

The Sphinx of the Czech Republic. PostNL comes with quarterly figures, which according to analysts will not be very exciting. The question is whether this also applies to the sharply increased stake (now over 20 percent) of Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky – known as the ‘Czech Sphinx’ for his silence. What exactly is his plan with the postal and parcel deliverer?

Back in the USA. Midweek in New York, congress in Chicago or are you betting on a trip to Las Vegas? Provided that there is corona, foreign travelers are welcome again in the US after more than a year and a half (!). That country also opens the border with neighboring countries Mexico and Canada.

Bump in on Facebook. Whistleblower Frances Haugen continues to smash into the mighty social network of Mark Zuckerberg, who recently kindly advised her to leave. This afternoon she is a guest in Brussels, where she delicately presents Facebook’s alleged abuse of power to the European Parliament.

The State vs Van Haga? The cabinet’s hint that separate measures may follow for unvaccinated people after the corona proof went wrong with Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga. He is reporting against the State for ‘corona discrimination’ that would even lead to ‘medical apartheid’.

This piece was the most shared this weekend:
Steven Spielberg has sold his Dutch-made superyacht. The Seven Seas was for sale for 136 million. The yacht is therefore equipped with every luxury, such as a cinema, jacuzzi and swimming pool.

We think you should also read this:
While quarreling with his wife Ragna Heidweiller, sausage maker Samuel Levie came to repentance about his role in the household and in the upbringing. They wrote a book about it together. “A better division of roles starts with yourself.”

And this you may have missed this weekend:
Healthy new construction? That is not possible in the Netherlands. The air is too dirty, says the World Health Organization. Quitting building is not an option, experts say. “The only option is to make the air cleaner and that is possible.”

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

Good day!

ps “Beatrix could bang her fist on the table if she didn’t like that no progress was being made.” Columnist Jos Heymans sometimes longs back to the time when the head of state was in charge of the formation.

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