Fewer working poor | New Chancellor | And distraction for Amalia

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Working and yet being poor. It is a bad combination, which fortunately occurs less and less. 1.9 percent of working people live in households with a low income that is too low to live a decent life. Self-employed workers in particular run a considerable risk of being blacked out.

History damn it. The German parliament officially appoints Olaf Scholz as the new Chancellor today. He is known for his soft hand, but he immediately has a hard case on his plate: Impfmacht. Who is he?

The municipality of Landgraaf was allowed to fire an official who regularly parked his car along the road during working hours, to open a can of lager and kill the time. Nothing to complain about, he thought, because he worked faster than his colleagues.

Crown Princess Amalia will be introduced by her father to the Council of State this afternoon, as is the case with so many 18-year-old girls. She will be in the Advisory Department, but of course will not do anything there in practice. It doesn’t stop the friends of the Public Broadcasting Service from broadcasting it. At RTL Z we watch news today.

What the Americans can do, the Russians can do too. Space company Roscosmos shoots Japanese billionaire Yusaka Maezawa and his assistant into space. And not for a silly semi-space flight, but to the ISS. Maezawa has also already booked a ticket to the moon with Elon Musk, for once.

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