Fiancé Afrojack does not want face masks at her dream wedding

Elettra tells RTL Boulevard that they have already set a date, but that they will keep it a secret. The coronavirus could just throw a spanner in the works. “We really want to know for sure.” One thing she knows for sure: “Of course we don’t want to celebrate with a mask on.”

The DJ’s fiancé assumes they can just tie the knot this year. “I think it will happen this year, but we really need to know for sure.”

The heiress of the Italian car brand has already thought about her dream wedding. “I don’t want too much kitsch and not too many people. It has to be intimate and revolve around us.”

The wedding will take place in Italy, with perhaps a small Dutch touch. “I have never been to a Dutch wedding, but maybe it will be a mix of both.”

The corona crisis has not only brought misery to the couple. Now that they are quarantined together, their relationship is better than ever. “I’m very happy with him because we never fight. We have a healthy relationship.” She is very happy with her upcoming. “I’ve never met such a good man. I couldn’t be happier.”

Like Afrojack, Elettra works in music. She has all kinds of reggae hits to her name.

Afrojack has a daughter from a previous relationship with Amanda Balk.


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