Fiat Ducato-Camper from Fendt: rotten scrap motorhome

The cattle trails from the beautiful Ammerland (Lower Saxony) have become so on her used Camper happy, part of the garden wall removed, rhododendrons cut down, white gravel for him parking space piled up. And then that. help, we have scrap metal bought! 17,500 euros has cost the motorhome, one Fiat Ducato from 1995, meager 200,000 kilometers on the clock, build up of Fendt, on 6.75 meters in length there is Double bed, Shower, loo, Water tank, kitchen, Sitting area. and humidity!

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“Center September 2021 we have the camper at one Dealers picked up “, says Bertram Viehweg (71). The pensioner is learned electrician, artisanal versed and got to work straight away. bath spruced up, walls painted, new mattress concerned, pad relate leave. But then came the big rain in October, and then there was that musty smell.
Scrap purchase motorhome

Krass: The used motorhome of the Viehweg turned out to be completely rotten.

The vehicle floor was totally rotten

Viehweg took a cupboard right next to that Side entrance out: “everything lazy! “Then he took that Topping at the entrance up: wood below, Styrofoam above, the floor covering. But here too everything rotten through. He was almost between the bed and the toilet crashed throughso rotten is it. A clear case for Appraiser Oliver Hallix from Wilhelmshaven, who is also the vice-head of the CaravanningAppraiserProfessional association (CGF) and checks with his colleagues for the ADAC motorhomes. Unfortunately, this one only after purchase. Hallix is ​​on 180 when he sees such botch: “The RV market is like that because of the high demand overheatedthat such moving junk is offered. “
Scrap purchase motorhome
The judgment of the experts was clear: the vehicle is not roadworthy and should be deregistered.

The mobile home turned out to be an economic total loss

If the dealer does not have one when buying it MoistureCheck did? According to the report, one thing is certain: More economical Total loss, the professional repair costs 25,411.34 euros. Hallix recommends: “Immediately Logout. The camper is true drivable, but not roadworthy. “Viehwegs have hired a lawyer. Ralf Rosenbäck puts pressure on, says:” A repair is not reasonable, as the relationship of trust has been destroyed. “
Scrap purchase motorhome

In conversation with those affected: AUTO BILD reporter Andreas May (left) got an idea of ​​the situation.

Then it turns on AUTOMOBILE IMAGE one, after a day it reacts Dealers by e-mail: “Of course we are still ready to Warranty claims to meet and the vehicle against at the request of the customer refund of Purchase price take back. “Fair move! Besides, the dealer wants his Quality standards check so that something like that doesn’t happen anymore. Maybe with that ADACcamperCheck. Examine Hallix and his colleagues from the CGF throughout Germany away 199 Euro on all damage – for business and private. The Viehweg are also betting that they want a new old motorhome again!

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