Fiat Multipla and Co: the 40 ugliest cars for Halloween

Car design can and should polarize, but with some cars we say: It is enough these cars are creepy! No, not “unhappily designed” or “poorly designed”, there is also no comforting stroke over the sheet metal. Please buckle up: What follows here are the most severely failed cars of the past few decades. Strong stuff? We don’t think so. Especially not after friends of beautiful cars can see the progress car design has made over the past few years at many auto shows!

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If looks are one of the top reasons people buy a car, why are some models so wrong? The pressure to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition actually leads to ghastly failures: Cars that look like badly repaired accident damage or the unfortunate crossing of two models. So here, completely subjectively assessed and presented with a wink: the 40 biggest automotive design failures!

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