Fiedler: “Van der Bellen could have fired the government”

In any case, it is somewhat surprising that Brandstetter “was not suspended by the Constitutional Court,” but Pilnacek was by the Ministry of Justice. “Both are accused of the same thing. In one case this leads to suspension, in the other not,” said Fiedler.

Criticism of Van der Bellen?

As Fiedler rightly emphasized, the presumption of innocence also applies to Blümel. Whether he is still acceptable as a minister or not cannot actually be proven at the moment. But: “What does the most important moral authority say, what does the Federal President say about it?” Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen could provide “remedy”. He could ask the Chancellor to suggest that Blümel be removed from his office.

Further in the text: If Chancellor Sebastian Kurz does not comply with this request, Van der Bellen could dismiss the entire federal government. “The Federal President did not do that,” concluded Fiedler. Van der Bellen does not consider the entire government unsustainable because a minister is being investigated. He was basically silent. That could only mean: “He considers this government, with a member who is involved in criminal proceedings, to be tolerable without further ado.”

The fact that the ÖVP criticism of the WKStA is an “attack on the rule of law” is what he regards as excessive. The attacks are definitely unwise: “Every authority has to put up with criticism, including the public prosecutor’s office for corruption.”


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