Field on the living room table: Stardew Valley appears as a board game

For many, this is the game Stardew Valley an oasis of calm and a relaxing refuge in stressful times. If feeding digital animals and harvesting vegetables is not enough for you, you should take a closer look at the board game variant that is available now.

The board game is a collaboration between Stardew Valley developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and Cole Medeiros. The latter was already on other popular board games such as “Web of Spies”. The “offline version” of Stardew Valley was in development for over two years.

That is what the board game promises

The official site speaks of a cooperative experience for 1-4 players. As in the version for consoles and PCs, you should renovate the community center and keep the industrial Joja Corporation away. You achieve this of course by growing vegetables, raising animals and making friends with numerous villagers.

By the way, the board game is extremely complex due to its many borrowings from the digital version and nothing for in between. It’s supposed to be a challenge with a lot of depth and replayability, explains the website. There is also talk of around 45 minutes of playing time per player.

Unfortunately, the game is already sold out anyway. For 55 US dollars it was only available in the United States and quickly sold out. It is currently unclear when the game will be available again and possibly orderable outside of North America. On the website of the game, however, it is at least mentioned that an international sale is in progress. If that is too uncertain for you, you can go back to the digital game variant until then.

Update for the digital version

There was a full update for them recently. In addition to a local split-screen multiplayer mode, there are new people, new game goals, many new items, new events and little secrets to discover. You can find a small change list here. Stardew Valley is available for various platforms and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. The Steam version * is currently available in the Humble Store for 13.99 euros.

The trailer for the board game

via Eurogamer, images: Stardew Valley, Chucklefish / ConcernedApe


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