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Fieldlab concert Racoon feels like an ocean to escape to

The men from Racoon performed again last night for the first time in a long time. 3500 visitors also came as part of Fieldlab Events. For many it was the first concert visit in a long time.

Just after 9 p.m. the members of the Zeeland band Racoon enter the stage of MAINSTAGE Brabanthallen in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. “How good this feels, that snot from my throat”, singer Bart van der Weide says laughing to the audience. “We are just as rusty with play as you are with drinking beer. So if you like it you go away, otherwise have fun. ” It has also been more than a year since Racoon performed for a large audience.

Racoon, Fieldlab, concert
Singer Bart van der Weide: “Nice that snot from my throat.” Photo: Tom Doms

Concert starts slowly

His last words are not a superfluous message for the audience. The first twenty minutes feel more like the setting for a school reunion than a frenzied crowd. Even the impressive Don’t give up the fight, which the band wrote for Jayden who died of cancer at the age of 3, did not stop the audience. The frequently heard phrase ‘how nice to just talk to other people’ typified the atmosphere in the room until then. Van der Weide does not miss this and says again after twenty minutes: “We are the band Racoon.”

And then the hall begins to throw off its rust. The interaction between artists and audience starts after the beloved Don’t hold me down (“For the boss who pays you under”) and Ray Charles’ classic Hit the road Jack! Then it’s the turn of the biggest hit the band ever scored on paper. And: this evening is Racoon’s first time It’s late anyway echoing from the throats of an audience.

After all the big hits from the past were over, van der Weide concluded with: “We hope to see you again soon.” And after that the band still gives the striking Shoes of Lightning as an encore. Especially the chorus with the sentence bring on the day to come appears appropriate. The slogan is quickly picked up, because before the Zeeland band leaves the stage, it is already raining old-fashioned beer showers. Afterwards, a large part of the remaining audience takes part in massive polonaises, reminiscent of what was once so normal.

Racoon fans

Mother Sandra and daughter Nora from Boskoop enjoy themselves to the full. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, the two fans of Racoon were eager to go to a concert together. Especially Nora: “I am eighteen, this is what I want to do.” Mother and daughter did not have to get used to the lack of corona rules after arrival. “It is a kind of liberation when that mouth cap can be taken off.”

Racoon, Fieldlab, concert
Daughter Nora (18) and mother Sandra fully enjoy: “This feels liberating.”

Field lab research

Also present at Racoon is OMT member and principal investigator of Fieldlab, Andreas Voss. He is delighted to be at an event once again. “I’m glad they made a place for me,” he says. The German Professor of Infection Prevention at Radboud University in Nijmegen is especially pleased that these events “give the opportunity to scale up and try out new technologies”. He is referring to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Ahoy in Rotterdam, for which the old technologies were not entirely sufficient.

Voss also responds to the criticism he and Fieldlab received as a result of Radio 538’s planned King’s Day party. “It was an unfortunate combination of circumstances,” he explains. “Both the local catering industry and the nearby hospital in Breda were in a difficult situation. With such a large company, everything has to be right and that was not the case. ”

Voss therefore “fully” understands that ultimately no permit was granted for the event. “I fully support the decision of the mayor of Breda. In this phase of the pandemic there is always someone against it. ”

Despite the OMT member hoping that field labs will no longer be needed during and after the summer, more experiments will be carried out in the near future. Voss: “We don’t want to be left empty-handed in the winter. I hope we don’t have to, but we do want to have something up our sleeve. ”

The term ‘field lab’ causes confusion. What does Fieldlab actually do?

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Fieldlab concert Racoon feels like an ocean to escape to


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