FIFA and FIFPro together in action for women’s football

FIFA World Football Association and FIFPro Players Union are working together to accelerate the development of women’s football and mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis. The Raising Our Game report, recently published by FIFPro, is used as a guide in this regard. The international union for football players makes recommendations to improve professional women’s football, such as collective terms of employment and new competitions.

FIFPro fears that the corona crisis will slow down developments in women’s football. “It has progressed rapidly from amateurism, through semi-professionalism to how things are now,” the union recently wrote in a statement. “It has been a long way and it is difficult for the players to see now that the status they have worked so hard for is in jeopardy.”

FIFA previously pledged to invest $ 1 billion (over $ 900 million) in women’s football between 2019 and 2022. Those investments continue. The global federation has been working on an emergency fund for the football world since March, taking into account the interests of football players and their clubs.


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