FIFA president hopes for a ‘peaceful’ solution around Super League

President Gianni Infantino of the FIFA World Football Association has joined UEFA in the Super League issue. But Infantino warns of a further escalation of the situation. “A peaceful solution is better than a conflict, we must tackle problems together. But we will always oppose competitions that threaten unity and solidarity,” Infantino said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper As.

Like UEFA, FIFA rejects the Super League. “Nevertheless, it is also my duty to mediate between the parties so that a deep and constructive dialogue in search of positive solutions begins. But we will not accept proposals that contradict the values ​​of our game, such as sporting merits, solidarity, integrity and equal access to competitions. “

The European Football Association UEFA has threatened Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid with sanctions for their initiative for a Super League. The nine other clubs that first wanted to participate have already been sanctioned. Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid have said in a reaction that they will not give up their plans.


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