Fifa+ started: Thousands of live streams of games planned

FIFA has launched the free streaming service Fifa+. There should be thousands of live streams of games every year.

With FIFA+, FIFA has launched a new, free streaming service that will provide football fans with lots of content related to their favorite sport. In addition to live streams of games in national leagues, the platform should also be used for exclusively produced videos. According to FIFA, there is also the largest archive in international football, interactive games, news, tournament information, game statistics and much more.

At launch, FIFA+ is available for free on all web and mobile devices in five languages. In German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Six more languages ​​are to be added from June.

“FIFA+ is the next step in our vision of a truly global and inclusive football and underscores FIFA’s core purpose of spreading and promoting football worldwide,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino, adding: “This project marks a cultural shift. It is changing the way football fans want to experience and interact with football. It is an important part of my vision 2020-2023 by accelerating the democratization of football.”

Over 40,000 live streams of games planned for 2022

In 2022 alone there will be over 40,000 live streams of games on FIFA+. Including more than 29,000 men’s games and over 11,000 women’s games. Games from all of the more than 100 FIFA member associations are to be broadcast. In addition, FIFA+ will also offer live coverage of Europe’s top divisions and previously uncovered global competitions in men’s, women’s and youth football.

However, there will probably not be a live broadcast of games from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which begins in November, due to the legal situation. In Germany, for example, Telekom has secured the broadcasting rights for all games.

Huge archive of World Cup matches on FIFA+

As a special feature, FIFA+ also offers access to all previously recorded games at men’s and women’s World Cups via this archive area. That’s more than 2,000 hours of archive footage, according to FIFA. At launch there are over 2,500 videos of games from the 1950s onwards. The offer is to be continuously expanded.

For example, football fans can watch the full match between Italy and Germany at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, where the two teams met on July 11, 1982, here on FIFA+. We don’t want to reveal the result, just this much: As is well known, Germany did not become world champion in this final…

FIFA+ Originals on football themes and stars

FIFA+ also features videos specially produced by FIFA for the streaming service called FIFA+ Originals. This includes documentaries, docuseries and short films in eleven languages. This offer is also to be continuously expanded. Some of this exclusive content includes:

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