File Explorer: Patch eliminates the cause of a crash in Windows 11

Microsoft has released a patch with KB5015882 that fixes some problems. Among other things, problems that cause the File Explorer to freeze.

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 11 with KB5015882 that is intended to solve problems that cause File Explorer to freeze. Microsoft describes one of the issues addressed by the patch as follows: “Fixes an issue that causes File Explorer to stop working when you use the ‘Play’ and ‘Pause’ buttons on certain devices.” File Explorer can also strike when you use the context menu of the start menu (Win+X) and an external monitor is connected to your device.This should also be a thing of the past after installing KB5015882.

KB5015882 is not yet available in the final version that will be delivered to all Windows 11 users. Rather, KB5015882 is currently a preview for the upcoming “cumulative update”, which will bring many other improvements and corrections in addition to the repaired File Explorer. Users who are keen to experiment can now try out the patch as a “Microsoft July 2022 monthly C” update. Microsoft will then deliver KB5015882 in its final version on patch day in August 2022.

Microsoft presents the patch in detail here. In it you will not only read the explanation of the bug fixes described above and other bug fixes, but also information about what other improvements the cumulative update will bring. Security gaps are not closed by the preview – C updates never affect security problems.

How to install KB5015882

Go to Windows Update in the Windows settings and start the search for updates there. Then select KB5015882 from the hit list and install this patch. After installation, Windows 11 has the build number 22000.829.

Alternatively, Windows users can download KB5015882 from the Microsoft Update Catalog here.

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