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Filmfonds and Netflix start support fund for Dutch productions Entertainment

The Film Fund hopes that other major players in the film market and possibly private individuals will follow suit and have a financial injection for the fund. “We hope that more parties will see the importance of keeping our valuable film sector afloat,” said Film Fund Director Bero Beyer.

The Film Fund has now made an inventory that about fifty Dutch productions have been canceled or shut down due to the corona crisis. These include feature films, series, documentaries and international co-productions. The emergency fund offers money to freelancers, filmmakers, cast, crew and other film professionals who worked on these productions to help bridge the current period until they can be shot again. The money is distributed by the fund, after producers have indicated where the need within the productions is currently greatest. “It’s not about fully covering costs and salaries,” explains Beyer. “But it is a great help for these people not to get into direct trouble now.” The sector itself is currently working very hard on a protocol so that the recordings of the films and TV series can continue again soon.


The Film Fund Director acknowledges that this is no easy task. “But it should just work,” he emphasizes. “It would be disastrous if nothing was recorded in the Netherlands for six months.” That is also the main reason for Netflix to contribute to the fund. “Netflix has invested heavily in local productions in recent years. It is also in the interest of the service that the Dutch film industry remains healthy and that the countless good people we have here do not leave the sector. ”

Netflix provides the financial contribution without consideration, so the streaming service can not claim any rights to productions that have been destroyed by the fund. Netflix announced on March 20, just after the start of the crisis, that it will make $ 100 million available for this type of initiative. Similar funds have also been created in the US, UK, Spain, Italy and Mexico. “Netflix believes our system is well organized,” explains Beyer. “So they are confident that the money will get to the places where it is needed quickly and accurately.”


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