Final Countdown: The Best Flash Games

Driving a tank or the classic Sudoku: we present browser games that are ideal for lunch. All you need to play is a browser and mostly also Flash.

Soon the Flash Player will be history,

At the end of 2020, Adobe will discontinue support for Flash.
By the way

Adobe has once again released a security update for Flash.
So if you want to play one of the free yet entertaining flash games again, now is your last chance. We’ll once again introduce you to the best flash games. Please note that for most games you have to activate Flash in your browser; In Firefox, for example, you can do this via “Extras, Add-ons, Plugins”. A few of the games presented here now also run in the browser without Flash.

Important: Flash is a potential weak point. So when you have finished playing, you should turn Flash off again.

But before that, a few hints about Flash technology and advertising around Flash games including some safety tips.

Flash games from a wide variety of genres

Our selection includes currently available flash games from the most varied of genres: games of skill, “board games”, action shooters, arcade, logic games, pinball, adventure and card games. Of course, retro classics are also included. We give a short introduction to each game so that you don’t waste your precious lunch break on games that you don’t like at all.


The Flash plug-in must be installed in the browser. And your browser’s security settings must allow Flash.

Note: Some games run without Flash

Flash technology is on the sidelines – at the end of 2020 Adobe Flash will be discontinuing
. That is why we have also included some games in this collection that run in the browser but do not necessarily require Flash. Finally, browser games can also be developed using scripting languages ​​such as Javascript or HTML5.

How to start a flash game

The way to the game is always the same: click on the link we have given. The game opens in the browser; you may have to click on another link on the respective website beforehand.

With most flash games, advertising appears first, sometimes very massive

. Do not click around wildly right away, but take a quiet look at each game page first, so as not to accidentally click on the unwanted advertisements. As a rule, a progress bar appears below the advertising, showing that the flash game is loading. Only when the game is fully loaded can you start by clicking on “Play” or “Start” or something similar.

In some cases, the advertising leader is also integrated directly into the game. Then just wait quietly until the advertisement has run through. The desired game is hidden on some pages. In this case, don’t let the advertising on the page distract you and find the game.

Read the rules of the game if necessary and off you go.


Some games make loud noises or loud music. So turn the speakers down in good time or use headphones.

And here are our games for the browser:

Redcarpetrampage: Leonardo DiCaprio is chasing the Oscar


Redcarpetrampage: Leonardo DiCaprio is chasing the Oscar

Redcarpetrampage: Leonardo DiCaprio is chasing the Oscar

In the game “Red Carpet rampage” control Leonardo DiCaprio with the keys “G” and “H”, so that the actor runs forward as fast as possible. With one press of the space bar you let DiCarprio jump into the air.

Object of the game: Finally grab the Oscar (the game was made before DiCaprio received the Oscar) and collect lots of Emmys and Golden Globes along the way. Watch out: Photographers and Lady Gaga stand in DiCaprio’s way.

The game is free and works without Flash.

To the funny browser game Leo Red Carpet Rampage

Tanki Online: In a firefight with an enemy tank.


Tanki Online: In a firefight with an enemy tank.

Tanki Online

Rolling through the landscape as a tank commander rattling the chains and shooting down other tanks – this game genre has been a well-kept pastime in front of TV and monitor since the times of the C64 and Atari. With

Tanki Online
you can treat yourself to this politically hopelessly incorrect fun in the browser. You fight online against tank commanders from all over the world. You can try the test round without having to log in or register. In order to be able to compete properly with other online players, you have to register with a dummy name and a password – you do not have to enter an email address or other sensitive data. A fair and entertaining offer for tank fans. In contrast to the rather harmless test round, the actual game gets down to business, your tank is shot down in no time. Only constant practice helps here.

Your tank, which you control from a bird’s eye view from above, is operated with the arrow keys, firing is done with the space bar and the turret is pivoted with “Z” and “x”.

Tanki Online

The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

In Brad Bornes

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2
Use the buttons to control a figure called Fancy Pants that looks like it was drawn with a pencil. Your task: get your ice cream back from a giant rabbit.

Cat Mario Online

Cat Mario Online

At Cat Mario Online, cat friends can realize themselves. And slip into the role of a white cat trying to get as far as possible. Yet enemies are lurking for them everywhere along the way. The cat’s only salvation is by jumping.

Cat Mario Online


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