Final Fantasy 7 remake in the test: Risky game with the fans

New combat system

That also includes that Combat system. The classic turn-based system was replaced by real-time battles with a command function. This can be used when the so-called ATP bar is charged. It can be used to perform abilities and to use magic or objects. If you open the command function, the game continues in super slow motion so that you can choose the desired action without stress.

Weapon upgrades and materia (with different levels and shortcuts) that enable new skills and magic will make this happen Combat system brought in depth. The game introduces you to these details reasonably well, the rest is gentle learning by doing. And if that gets too much for you, you can, for example. automate the weapon upgrades. You can also change the difficulty level to easy at any time to increase the chances of survival in combat. This benefits JRPG and FF7 newbies.

Group management was not very successful. Fighting is usually not done alone, but in a group. While you control one character, the others are controlled by the AI ​​- very passively. Because they hardly attack, the ATP bar charges slowly, which is why you can give them commands much less often. This makes them look like substitutes who are waiting on the edge of the field until the main character K.o. is to intervene to help. A strategy system would have been nice here, with which rudimentary tactics such as “attack with full risk” or “defensive” could be distributed to the group members.


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