Final Fantasy Inventor is back: Fantasian finally fully revealed

For a long time we have had to be content with individual pictures of Fantasian. Fantasian is the latest game from Final Fantasy maker Hironobu Sakaguchi and it will be released for Apple Arcade later this year. He also has a certain Nobuo Uematsu on board for music. Today Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker finally presented the new Fantasian with videos and first concrete details.

The story of Fantasian begins in a realm ruled by machines. In this multi-dimensional universe, the balance of “chaos and order” is a key factor in the battle for the realms and machinations of the gods. Players take on the role of the protagonist Leo, who wakes up after a massive explosion and finds himself in a foreign country. Players set out to regain Leo’s memories.

150 real dioramas serve as backgrounds

Fantasian is a mobile game, so it will probably not offer excessive game mechanics. Sakaguchi uses his experience from the (classic) Final Fantasy franchise and extends it with current quality-of-life improvements. This includes the “Dimengeon Battle” feature. Players can send previously fought opponents to a separate dungeon in order to be able to explore the beautiful places without interruption.

Fantasian especially arouses curiosity visually. The dioramas are “real” – over 150 such works were created by various Japanese artists and are used in the game. Veterans of this work who have worked on Godzilla films, Attack on Titan and Ultraman, among others.

The story trailer for Fantasian

The “Features” trailer for Fantasian

Images: Fantasian, Mistwalker


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