Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis actually has everything FF7 fans could want

At State of Play, Square Enix surprised us a few days ago with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Final Fantasy fans look forward to the first appearance of Yuffie in the remake. But another project that Square Enix announced afterwards actually sounds a lot more interesting. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis namely.

The game should appear for mobile devices, which is a little turn off for many console fans. But it is by no means stingy with optical stimuli and looks lavishly produced. And especially in terms of content, it seems to be a must for FF7 fans. Because Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis should not only be dedicated to the events from FF7, but to those from the entire compilation.

In terms of content, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus are also used. The entire FF7 timeline becomes the subject of the game. Fans can experience important events on the timeline without having to buy Dirge of Cerberus for PlayStation 2 or watch old films. In addition, it offers an actually old-fashioned command-based combat system that is still popular among fans.

Tetsuya Nomura spoke to the Famitsu about Ever Crisis.

More about the youth of THIS special hero

“The content is [in Kapiteln] cover the events from Final Fantasy VII, through the compilation from FF7 to the [neuen] The First Soldier. As for The First Soldier, Ever Crisis will also feature in-game story backgrounds. Since the story is about what happened before SOLDAT was founded, we especially added a part about the youth of THIS special hero. The story is really eye-catching, we asked Nojima-san to write the scenario, ”said Nomura.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
The combat system is effective and easily accessible.

So we can expect not only an outline of the familiar scenario, but also some new backgrounds. All of the games in the compilation will have their own selectable chapters in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. You won’t have to finish a game first. “Think of it like a Final Fantasy VII chronology,” Nomura explains. The chapters are to be added monthly.

The battle system of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The combat system is based on the original. “Final Fantasy VII’s combat system was based on the ATB system, so we’ll go with that style of play,” said Nomura. The materia system is also close to the original, you can use weapons, summons and limit breaks.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to illustrations and design. The characters appear in a 3D chibi look, but there is also beautiful, new 2D artwork for entertainment. “The illustrations were made by Lisa Fujise,” says Nomura. “We originally wanted to use 3D CG models, but that gave us a few problems trying to reproduce the atmosphere of the original as faithfully as possible,” says Nomura.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
3D chibi characters and new 2D illustrations await you.

“We wanted to ask someone from the original FF7 team, but they were all very busy. Fortunately, we then met Lisa Fujise, who was doing some avatar design checks on a new project at the time. We looked at her work and thought the style would fit the game too. ”She joined the Ever Crisis team.

The Famitsu then asked Nomura if the game would be set to music, as it puts a lot of emphasis on the story. But Nomura rejected it. You actually want to avoid having to make new recordings. But it will be necessary for the fighting. “If we add voice acting, it will probably be at a minimum,” said Nomura.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is slated for mobile devices (iOS and Android) in 2022.

via Famitsu, translated by Aitai Kuji, images: Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Square Enix, Applibot


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