Final Fantasy VII Remake: In Japan you can now blow up the Mako reactor yourself

In Japan you will soon have the opportunity to slip into the roles of Cloud, Tifa and Barret and blow up the Mako reactor yourself. Sounds crazy – and maybe a little bit too. In collaboration with Square Enix, this is the latest “Real Stealth Game” from Mystery Circus. This is perhaps best comparable to the escape games, which are now quite popular in this country too.

The new game will be launched on December 9th in the APM Building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. With two other players you can infiltrate the Mako reactor and ultimately make sure that it explodes as planned. You have 30 minutes (of course) for this. However, Shinra soldiers will also stand in your way! The attraction is also presented in English. You can see a trailer below.

Great promotion, right? Unfortunately the trip to Japan is difficult at the moment. And so you probably only have the option to blow up the Mako Reator in Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is currently cheaper than ever. As part of the Black Friday Deals, you can currently get Final Fantasy VII Remake for 29.99 euros at Media Markt * and Saturn *.

via Siliconera, image material: Mystery Circus


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