Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright is located by Panini

The Final Fantasy VII Remake offered a number of supposedly new characters. That was Leslie and Kyrie, for example. You meet Leslie in the remake in Wallmarkt, where he works as one of Don Corneo’s henchmen. You will meet Kyrie in the game in Sector 7, among others. But these characters are not new. They already appeared in the compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

“Your stories are part of the compilation,” says Nomura. “Nojima-san and I planned to include them from the start. “We thought they would take it for granted if they appeared in this place and time in history, so we left them in,” Nomura continues. “If you want to know more about them after you’ve played Final Fantasy VII Remake, then I recommend that players read the light novel Final Fantasy VII Turks: The Kids Are All Right,” Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu in the summer .

The novel is already available in English * and as we have now found out, the book will soon also be localized in German. Panini tops the list of new products for 2021 *. Lo and behold: The book is already listed on Amazon and can even be pre-ordered.

The paperback novel will cost 15 euros; publication is scheduled for March 23rd. The novel was written by FF VII author Kazushige Nijima. This is the description of the story the book has to offer:

The latest novel for the most influential sequel in the entire Final Fantasy saga. The focus is on the private detective Evan Townshend, who tries to gain a foothold in the town of Edge after the devastating meteor fall. In doing so, he comes across the machinations of the Shin-Ra Company and uncovered previously well-kept secrets of the FF VII universe.

So it is with Episode 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake

It was only recently that we learned that the development of the next episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake is progressing well. And that the “new world” of Final Fantasy VII has only just started with the first part. Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available on Amazon * for only 29.99 euros.

Leslie in the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Images: Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright, cover art of the English edition *


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