Final Fantasy XVI is going to be “pretty action-packed,” but beginners are also thought of

Last year Square Enix presented us with something surprising Final Fantasy XVI. But after that it was initially quiet about the next entry in the series. At the turn of the year, the game was once again the subject of media reports when it was said that Naoki Yoshida had “learned a lot from Ghost of Tsushima”. How many conclusions one should draw from this about the gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI is an open question.

A new interview of the producer with the radio station Game Hack allows conclusions to be drawn. The station is based in Tokyo and Yoshida gave some information about Final Fantasy XVI during the show “One Morning”. According to this, Final Fantasy is “quite action-oriented”. This is of course not a surprise, the direction of the series has recently become much more action-packed with Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition, Final Fantasy XVI was also announced as an “Action RPG”.

The game should also take beginners by the hand

That doesn’t mean, of course, that Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a strong story focus too. The fights, however, will be “pretty action-packed”. But Yoshida also reveals: For fans who like things a little quieter or would rather just play the story, there will be another option. We already know something similar from Final Fantasy VII Remake, where there is the much quieter classic mode for combat.

“We really want the players to be able to enjoy the story. We are therefore preparing a mode that allows players to concentrate on the story. We will offer extensive opportunities to support players, of course we are preparing something to help players [das Spiel] be easy to use and play smoothly, ”explains Yoshida.

Players who are not so skilled in action games shouldn’t worry. Yoshida apparently wants to part with the first games in the series and that is of course only in keeping with the times. “I’m part of the generation that played the first Final Fantasy games – I’m almost in my 50s,” said Yoshida. But the warriors of light grew up in their own world.

Or in other words: Final Fantasy XVI is mostly playing a different generation today and Yoshida is probably right about that. He wants to create a Final Fantasy that those who know the good and bad of reality can also passionately like.

“I think there are some difficulties in growing up,” Yoshida continued. The theme of the game should be one that players who grew up with Final Fantasy and who know the real thing can enjoy. They should be able to gain something from the game that makes them think.

Final Fantasy XVI: More details this year

With the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI at Sony’s State of Play in September 2020, Square Enix surprised many fans. Especially since there was already a pretty productive trailer to see. Square Enix opened its official website in October, and again there was more insight than most fans had hoped for.

And even if the “basic development” and the “production of the scenarios” have already been completed, Square Enix has repeatedly confirmed that further details cannot be expected until the new year. As you know, this has now begun and we are therefore looking forward to the next information and months!

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PlayStation 5.

via Gematsu, images: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix


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