Final Fantasy XVI: Official Website has new details about the world and characters available

Except for the announcement trailer Final Fantasy XVI there have been few details about the game so far. The official website should be opened in October. Square Enix keeps its word: you can visit it from today! It is even available with German texts.

As promised, you will also find some new information about the world and the characters on the website. Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, a land blessed with the light of the mother crystals.

Life in Valisthea is determined by the mother crystals – glittering crystal mountains that tower over the surrounding realms and bless them with ether. For generations, people have flocked to these rocks of hope to use their blessings and to work magic with the help of the ether that enables them to live a life of comfort and abundance. Great centers of power have arisen around each of the mother crystals, between which there has long been an uneasy peace. But now that the spread of the rot threatens their dominions, the balance is shaken.

Valisthea is also inhabited by espers, powerful incantations. They are the most powerful and deadliest creatures in the world. Each Esper is hosted by a Dominus, a person who is gifted with the ability to summon that Esper. Domini are feared for their power, but they are also admired like nobles. Anyone born as Domini cannot escape his fate in any case.

The six great kingdoms of Valisthea

Valisthea also consists of three great realms, each housing a domini. The Grand Duchy of Rosaria was once founded by several independent provinces to the west of Valisthead. The Holy Empire of Sanbrèque is the greatest theocracy of Valisthea. Oriflamme is the capital of the empire. It is built around the mother crystal dragon head. The kingdom of Waluth is vast and owns the entire eastern half of Valisthea. The Republic of Dhalmekia is an association of five states. A small group of islands off the coast of Styrm is called the Iron Kingdom. And in the heart of Valisthea lies the Crystal Dominium, built around the tallest of all mother crystals, the dragon’s tail.

Protagonist Clive Rosfield and his siblings

The characters we already know from the announcement trailer are also introduced by Square Enix by name and in more detail. The protagonist is called Clive Rosfield. He is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Clive, contrary to expectations, is not blessed with the flame of the phoenix. Instead, his younger brother Joshua bears the Dominus’ burden. We are also introduced to Jill Warrick. She was brought to Rosaria in childhood when the northern territories fell. The Archduke raised her with his sons.

The official story synopsis for Final Fantasy XVI

FINAL FANTASY XVI takes players into the world of esper – these are powerful and at the same time deadly creatures who rest in so-called domini. The Domini are chosen men and women who have been blessed with the gift of conjuring up the dreaded powers of those esper. The sixteenth installment in the FINAL FANTASY series tells the story of Clive Rosfield, a young man who strives to perfect his swordsmanship. Since he has already made a name for himself as the “First Shield of Rosaria”, he is given the honor of protecting his younger brother Joshua – because he is the Dominus of the Phoenix. But unexpected events steer Clive’s steps on a dark and dangerous campaign of revenge.

You can find many more details about the kingdoms and characters on the website!

Images: Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix


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