Final Fantasy XVI: They wanted to show the “real” game in the trailer, not just fancy CG scenes

That there is news about the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Final Fantasy XVI would give was to be excluded beforehand. Hopefully nobody had any hopes either. The game was not in the line-up of Square Enix and producer Naoki Yoshida had said in response to the announcement that the next wave of information would not come until 2021. Nevertheless, there is a small “ray of hope” for waiting fans on today’s last day of the digital trade fair.

There was a livestream today in which Yoshida – who is still the producer of Final Fantasy XIV – played the MMORPG with the fans. It wasn’t to be expected that he would say something about Final Fantasy XVI, of all things. But Yoshida is a cool guy, XIV fans will say.

Official website opens in October

Yoshida announced that it plans to open the Final Fantasy XVI teaser website in late October. There should then be an overview of the world and the characters. So some information and names after all! Yoshida also repeated that fans would then have to wait until the new year until there is more “big information”.

Then he talked about the announcement trailer and criticism of the in-game graphics shown. The graphic is not final, yes. Work on it. But it was real time, not edited or optimized and one would have simply wanted to show something from the actual game in this trailer instead of just a fancy trailer made of CG scenes with a logo at the end. If you had just shown a pre-rendered trailer, people would say, “see you in 2035”. He knows such comments from Americans.

The surprising announcement of Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix had announced Final Fantasy XVI a few days ago at the PlayStation 5 Showcase. The first trailer was presented, with Yoshida as producer and Hiroshi Takai as director. In addition, there was hardly any tangible information, but of course there was a lot of speculation on the part of the fans.

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