Finally a Ferrari electric car?

Before Ferrari Roma

After categorically refusing a 100% electric model in the medium term, the famous Ferrari brand could finally launch one in 2024, derived from the Purosangue SUV.

Electricity is now in the catalog of a large part of manufacturers, but diehards still refuse this type of propulsion. Like McLaren or Lamborghini, Ferrari has no plans to integrate technology into its lineup in the short term. A few months ago, marketing manager Enrico Galliera felt that battery technology was not sufficiently developed. But things seem to be changing quickly for the Maranello brand.

Manufacturer of sports cars with limited production of around 10,000 cars / year, Ferrari has already changed course and intends to invest in the ever more popular SUV segment. This Purosangue will first enter the market as a V12 thermal engine in early 2022, then as a hybrid V8. It won’t be the first Ferrari hybrid, as the LaFerrari offered a V12 hybrid in 2012, and the recent SF90 Stradale is even plug-in.

Overpowered electric SUVs?

Expected later, two other versions point the end of their grille. According to Car Magazine, this time it will be 100% electric derivatives. These new models will have 4 motors (on the wheels or 2 per axle?) And an output of 610 horsepower. The battery would offer a capacity of 80 kWh, enough for 350 kilometers of range.

We will have to wait at least 3 years before seeing a silent prancing horse arrive on our roads. According to British media, the Ferrari F244 will not be released until 2024 while the F245 will not arrive until 2026.

Illustration Ferrari electric SUV Joaquin Obligado

Illustration of an electric Ferrari SUV by Joaquin Obligado


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