Finally a new cabinet | Soldiers are going to vaccinate | Important Fed interest rate meeting

The negotiations lasted 271 days, the longest formation ever! But the gentlemen and ladies in The Hague are out. There is a new cabinet. New impetus, although the same parties remain. But what was discussed in the backrooms? How to solve, among other things, the crisis on the housing market or the climate crisis? The coalition agreement will be made public today.

Who better than Frits Wester can indicate what will happen under the cheese cloche in The Hague. He does this live on RTL Z, together with Bas Jacobs, professor of public finance. Can be seen both on the site and on the viewing tube in the afternoon!

While almost everyone has already been boosted abroad, the campaign is having a hard time getting started with us. But the army comes to the rescue. As of today, about forty soldiers will take the injection, possibly more later.

The meeting tigers of the Federal Reserve, the American umbrella organization of central banks, spent a day on the moor. Tonight they will announce whether and how they will phase out the corona support measures.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: The travel insurance must pay the medical costs of a seriously ill Dutch person who is in Thailand, even though he has been there for 4.5 years and the travel insurance had a maximum coverage period of only 180 days. This is apparent from a statement by the financial complaints institute Kifid. The doctors don’t let him fly.

We think you should also read this: Parents who work, but whose children cannot go to school because a classmate has tested positive, often have trouble coping with everything. “At home everything comes down to me now.”

And this you may have missed last night: The gas crisis in Europe has not yet been averted. The fear of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a huge price increase on the gas market. After the enormous increase earlier this year, prices fell, but now it is all hands on deck again.

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PS Prioritizing local home seekers will not solve the housing market crisis. Municipalities must make more land available and there must be more specialized officials who can supervise building plans, says Carola de Groot.

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