Financial update DNB | Extinction shuts down The Hague | And statement murder Derk Wiersum

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How is our financial system doing? Around noon, De Nederlandsche Bank will publish its biennial survey in which it describes developments that could have a major impact on financial stability. Think of the overheated housing market and low interest rates. We spoke to DNB president Klaas Knot.

We already know who will win the Nobel Prize in Economics. Because at the end of the morning it is announced which research has contributed most to economics or social sciences according to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The winner of the prize, which is actually not a Nobel Prize, will receive, in addition to eternal fame, an amount of 10 million Swedish crowns, approximately 1 million euros.

Extinction Rebellion wants to shut down The Hague. According to the climate club, peaceful demonstrations have not worked, so it is time for coarser artillery. Under the heading Climate Rebellion, the activists block the political center all week. Their demand: climate neutral in 2025. The police are also aware and will act harshly, just like six months ago.

Life imprisonment, acquittal or something in between. The Amsterdam court announces the sentences against the two suspects of the murder of Derk Wiersum. The lawyer of crown witness Nabil B. was murdered in front of his house more than two years ago. The OM demands life, the defense wants acquittal.

The financial elite will meet (virtually) this week in Washington. The IMF and World Bank hold their annual meeting, so ministers, bankers and scientists travel to the US capital to talk about the global economy. The agenda includes post-pandemic growth, climate change and trade.

This piece was the most shared this weekend:
The Dutch like to go on holiday, even during the autumn holidays. Still, Dutch entrepreneurs abroad who rent out holiday homes or have a hotel are not all aware of this.

We think you should also read this:
Museum STRAAT has been around for 1 year, although it was barely open during that time. Street art is central to the Amsterdam museum.

And this you may have missed this weekend:
The career of IMF boss Kristalina Georgieva is dangling by a thread. She is suspected of having danced to the tune of China.

This could pass by the coffee machine:

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ps It’s very logical, but still feels wry. The Russian Gazprom expects to earn much more from exporting gas to Europe (without opening the tap any further).

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