Fire bowls for on the go in the test

A nice campsite by the lake, a cool summer night and a roaring fire in front of the camper to warm up while staring at the stars. Sounds perfect right? In order for the thing with the fire to be as relaxed as it sounds, you need a decent fire bowl. It should be stable, durable and still so small that it still fits in the motorhome. Fortunately, there are smart outdoor specialists who have thought about it and have developed models for folding, plugging, screwing, rolling or flapping. AUTO BILD has tested five fire bowls from Fennek, Winnerwell and Petromax, all of which easily fit into a camper!

Fire bowls: Five fire bowls for on the go in the test

The all-rounder: Petromax Atago

Fire bowls product test PETROMAX Atago

The Atago fire bowl from Petromax convinced the most in the test.

Height: 280 millimeters • Diameter: 400 millimeters • Price: 240 euros

Fire barrel reissued. Suitable for camper vans to expedition vehicles. • Construction: Simply pull on the handle and the legs and top ring fold out – ingenious. • Stability: No wobbling, no folding away. Top! • Burning behavior: Perfect and quick burning thanks to the chimney effect. • Equipment: Grill grate, Dutch oven, wok – what do you want? Makes outdoor chefs happy.

Petromax Atago

  • easy construction
  • top burning performance without smoke
  • many functions possible
  • stands very low on the ground
  • largest pack size in the test
  • high price

price € 240.00

The construction kit: Fennek Hexagon

Fire bowls product test Fennek Hexagon

The hexagon is made of stainless steel and looks very high quality.

Height: 185 millimeters • Diameter: 590 millimeters • Price: from 69 euros

Classic, funnel-shaped fire bowl with a volume of 17 liters. Suitable for micro campers to expedition vehicles. • Construction: The bowl is put together in a circle from six individual plates. It takes a long time and is quite complicated. • Stability: The bowl looks wobbly both on its own and on the heat protection. But it passed the burn test. • Burning behavior: Good air supply and even burning down with little smoke development. • Equipment: The “StandUp!” Heat protection is specially designed for the Hexagon. (49 euros) and the “4Fire” platter (69 euros) for grilling and roasting. The bag comes with 20 euros.

Fennec hexagon

  • High quality material
  • small pack size
  • a lot of combustion space
  • complicated plug-in system
  • seems unstable
  • a lot of mess when assembling

price € 69.00

The special one: Fennek High Fire

Fire bowls product test Fennek High fire

The Fennek High Fire fire bowl is very easy to assemble.

Height: 634 millimeters • Diameter: 600 millimeters • Price: 89 euros

Extraordinary fireplace made of a frame and stainless steel net. Suitable for micro campers to expedition vehicles. • Construction: Super easy. Fold out the legs, attach the net – done! • Stability: Thanks to the cross struts, the High Fire stands securely on the ground. • Burning behavior: Lots of space for wood, great air supply and in the end hardly any ash remains. That’s the way it should be! • Equipment: Bag is included.

Fennek High Fire

High fire
  • very small pack size
  • High quality net and legs
  • hardly any ash residue
  • very open combustion chamber
  • slight smoke development
  • can only be used as a fire bowl

price € 89.00

The variable: Petromax fire bowl fs 48

Fire bowls product test PETROMAX FEUERSCHALE fs 48

The Petromax fire bowl fs 48 is gentle on the lawn thanks to its design.

Height: 523 millimeters (with extension) • Diameter: 480 millimeters • Price: 99.99 euros

Flat steel plate for grilling, roasting and making a fire. Suitable for camper vans to expedition vehicles. • Construction: The legs are simply screwed in. Extension possible. • Stability: Depending on the ground and the height, it can get shaky. • Burning behavior: Little space for wood and no protection against flying sparks in a light breeze. • Equipment: Different sizes that can be combined with each other. Plus most of the Petromax accessories.

Petromax fire bowl fs 48

Fire bowl fs 48


Fire bowl fs 48

  • simple structure
  • protects the lawn
  • versatile
  • rusts immediately (steel)
  • too flat for a fire bowl
  • more suitable as a grill plate

price € 99.99

The minimalist: Winnerwell Flat Firepit L

Fire bowls product test Winnerwell Flat Firepit L

The Winnerwell Flat Firepit L has a very small pack size.

Height: 226 millimeters • Diameter: 418 millimeters • Price: 80 euro

Handy folding bowl made of stainless steel. Suitable for micro campers to expedition vehicles. • Construction: The bottom part and shell are only unfolded and placed on top of one another. Super easy. • Stability: Despite the folding mechanism, the Firepit is absolutely secure. • Burning behavior: Quite a small combustion chamber, but still good air supply. Unfortunately, the ash falls in the middle on the floor. • Equipment: The grill grate and table below (60 euros), which protect the floor from ashes and heat, make sense.

Winnerwell Flat Firepit L

Flat Firepit L


Flat Firepit L

  • totally simple structure
  • very small pack size
  • looks high quality
  • Ashes fall on the floor
  • The ground gets quite hot
  • no bag included

price € 80.00

What you need to know: fire on the campsite

In principle, the following applies: ask friendly on the pitch whether a small (!) Fire is allowed in a suitable bowl. In our experience, many campsite operators have no problem with this. Especially in meadows, however, the bowl should have a certain distance from the ground so as not to burn the lawn. Alternatively, there are special mats, such as the fire protection mat from Winnerwell (42 euros, It should be clear: if there is a risk of fire in the area due to drought, fire is of course strictly prohibited. The same generally applies to campsites that are located in nature reserves.

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