Fire brigade warns: Do not set up traffic cones that have fallen over

Several fire brigades are currently publishing a post on their Facebook pages in which they urgently ask that traffic cones that have fallen over not be put up again. That’s behind it.

Do you see a toppled traffic cone/traffic cone on a field path or on a road? Then please leave him alone.

Because the Wesertal – Lippoldsberg fire brigade published this message on their Facebook profile: ”

An important note on our own behalf!

If you see a traffic cone that has fallen over at a fork in the road or at a crossroads in the forest or on country lanes, please leave it where it is and do not set it up again. This traffic cone has not fallen over, but serves as a guide for the emergency services that are moving up. In this way, the deployment site in the forest or in the field can be found and deleted more quickly.

Especially at the present time, when the fields and forests are extremely dry, rapid intervention by the emergency services is required.

Other fire departments recorded the post and shared it on their Facebook pages. For example, the Görau fire brigade and the Zapfendorf fire brigade as well as the Scheden volunteer fire brigade. The online portal Mimikama, which specializes in Internet fraud, also spreads this information.

Imminent risk of forest fires

Currently, the fire brigades often have to respond to fires in forests or fields, as can be read, for example, in this post by a volunteer fire brigade and also in this report. The German Weather Service operates a map of Germany that shows the current risk of forest fires.

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