Fire in Fremont: Giga press on Tesla factory premises caught in fire by oil

Perhaps it is fortunate that the two Giga presses for the production of rear frame parts for the Model Y are housed in shelters outside the actual Tesla factory building: According to reports from the USA, one of them happened on Friday night a fire that had to be extinguished by the fire brigade. The extent to which the giant casting machine at the Fremont electric car plant was damaged remained open at first. However, the pictures show that the fire did not spread to the other parts of the Tesla factory.

Fire under control quickly at Tesla

A message about the operation came from the Fremont fire department on Instagram: At 4:27 p.m. Californian time (1:27 a.m. in Germany), their own forces reacted to a fire that was still burning in a part of the Tesla factory that was under construction. Together with Tesla staff, it was possible to bring it under control. Two fire engines then remained on site for observation. At 7 p.m. local time, the remaining emergency services were withdrawn.

The black smoke over Tesla Fremont had previously been noticed by observers in the vicinity, who initially feared a major fire. According to the fire brigade, the fire started in the inner area of ​​the Giga press, but could be limited to this system. The cause for this was molten aluminum and hydraulic fluid. According to a report by the Teslarati blog, sand was used as an extinguishing agent instead of water.


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In the Giga-Presse, rear frame parts for the Model Y are made from a single cast from aluminum in liquid form. Tesla CEO has even more plans with these huge machines and wants to use eight of them in the German Gigafactory, for example, to also cast the front frame element. A Tesla observer on Twitter speculated that oil could have dripped from a leaky hydraulic line and then ignited through contact with the hot aluminum.


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