Fired because of corona | Year of the chip shortage | And Russia rotter for expats

Corona causes a lot of hassle on all fronts in society. Not least in the workplace. Refusing face masks, coming to work sick, coughing under the time clock: these are just a few of the reasons for dismissal this year. We list the 10 most remarkable things for you.

Things don’t get any more pleasant for foreigners in Russia. From today, virtually all expats must undergo a fairly extensive medical screening once every three months. They are tested for drugs, but also for syphilis, HIV, leprosy, tuberculosis and corona. A positive test result, and you can be banned from the country.

Bad news from the US. That country is going to declare 23 animal species extinct today. Some creatures haven’t been spotted in decades, so they don’t really happen overnight. The extinct species include eleven bird species and a bat, but also eight different mussel species. Also rotten, of course.

Today is a teardrop day in South Africa. A memorial service for Desmond Tutu, who passed away on Sunday, will be held in Pretoria. The spiritual and human rights activist will also be commemorated in Cape Town during an interfaith ceremony.

And later today on the tube and on the internet: episode 3 of our series 2021 from A to Z about the chip shortage that is cropping up everywhere. Makers of cars, game consoles, telephones and all kinds of other electronics ran into the chip shortage in 2021. RTL Z exchange commentator Durk Veenstra explains how we can survive the worldwide chip shortage.

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