Firefox 100.0.1: Important update improves security – and many bug fixes

Mozilla fixed a number of bugs in its browser with Firefox 100.0.1. Among other things, for online banking. Mozilla also improves Firefox’s security.

Firefox is becoming more secure on Windows machines

In the newly released Firefox 100.0.1, the Mozilla developers have improved process isolation. This prevents the content processes from accessing the win32k.sys programming interface. According to Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel, this is a popular target for attacks. Hentzschel explains this improvement in his web blog entry on Firefox 100.0.1.

In order for Firefox users to benefit from the improved security of their browser, they must be using Windows 10 with at least the autumn update version 1709 (i.e. a very old Windows 10 version) or a newer Windows version. On the other hand, if you are using an even older version of Windows 10 or Windows 8, you should only be able to benefit from the improved security with a future Firefox update. In any case, users of Windows 7 are left out because Windows 7 does not support this security function. But that hardly affects a private user anyway.

MacOS users have benefited from a comparable security improvement since Firefox 95, and Linux users have been blocked from accessing the X Window System (X11) since Firefox 99, as Hentzschel explains.

Mozilla fixes some bugs

With Firefox 100.0.1, Mozilla has also fixed some minor bugs in its browser. The closed captioning feature for the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature originally announced for Firefox 100 is now available by default. On YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, among others, Firefox can now also display the subtitles of videos in picture-in-picture mode, as Hentzschel explains.

For further improvements in Firefox 100.0.1, from which online banking customers of Commerzbank, among others, will benefit, read detailed information from Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel.

The official Firefox 100.0.1 changelog can be found at this link.


Anyone who already uses Firefox will automatically be offered the new version via the integrated update function. Alternatively, you can also download Firefox 100.0.1 here: Download Firefox.

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