Firefox 100 is launched – these are the innovations

Firefox celebrates 100! The new version is available now and also comes with new functions.

After Chrome and Edge, Firefox is finally turning 100. Version 100 of Firefox is now available and is a reason for Mozilla and the developers involved to celebrate.

Version 1.0 of Firefox was released in November 2004 after a long period of development and the release was an important milestone in the history of the Internet, because up until then the Microsoft browser “Internet Explorer” had dominated the market and a browser alternative was urgently needed.

That was also the reason why we celebrated the first “Firefox Day” on November 9, 2004 on Many more such “Firefox Days” were to follow, but the shine of the Mozilla browser then faded somewhat in recent years and the dominance of the Google browser Chrome became ever greater.

Firefox 100: The two most important innovations

Firefox 100 is now available. You can get the new version directly from Firefox’s autoupdate function or here from Mozilla’s FTP server.

In the

Firefox 100 desktop version

the popular picture-in-picture mode now has the option of displaying subtitles and captions. A highly requested feature from the Mozilla Connect community that is now making its way into the browser. In addition, there is a new useful function for individual language settings and the completion of credit card data is simplified.

In the mobile versions of Firefox (for Android and here for iOS) there is a revised chronicle and tab overview. There is also the “HTTPS only” mode and new wallpapers. The two themes “Beach Vibes” and “Twilight Hills” are new

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