Firefox 102.0.1: Important update with many improvements – Download

Mozilla has released an update with Firefox 102.0.1 that is intended to fix a number of issues with Firefox 102.

Mozilla has released a first update for Firefox 102, which was released at the end of June 2022. This is a pure bug fix release, new functions are not added. Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel presents the improvements in Firefox 102.0.1 in detail in his weblog.

In short, these are the most important bug fixes

from Firefox 102.0.1:

Firefox could no longer create desktop shortcuts on Windows computers if the title of the respective website contained a character such as a colon that is not permitted in file names. This error should now be fixed. If you also used a dark theme, you had to endure a white flickering when opening the bookmarks sidebar. This should also be solved with the update.

The spell checker should now work correctly even when it needs to check content that contains both Latin and non-Latin alphabet characters. Other bug fixes concern the “Clear cookies and website data when exiting Firefox” option and the tooltip color on Windows machines. The Flatpak version for Linux no longer shows a second Firefox icon in the dock after Firefox is started, as Hentzschel writes. Mozilla also wants to have improved the stability of Firefox.

You can read the official release notes for Firefox 102.0.1 with all bug fixes in this English-language article.

Download Firefox 102.0.1

That brings Firefox 102

Firefox 102 was a major update that Mozilla used to close a variety of security holes in its browser. Besides that, Firefox 102 also brings some small feature improvements. You can read more about this here: Firefox 102 – Update closes more than 19 gaps.

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