Firefox 103.0.2: Browser update fixes these bugs

Firefox users will again receive an update that is worth installing. Because it fixes some bugs.

Mozilla Firefox 103.0.1 was released just under a week ago, when the browser developers are already pushing Firefox 103.0.2 behind it. Firefox 103.0.2 is a bugfix-only release, as per the release notes.

Those are the improvements

The update fixes issues with the JAWS screen reader menu shortcuts. It also fixes an issue that could cause an occasional non-rewritable certificate error when accessing device configuration pages. Also, Firefox 103.0.2 fixes an issue with full-screen picture-in-picture display on macOS.

The Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel also adds in his weblog that the update would also bring two corrections in connection with remote settings.

You can download Firefox 103.0.2 here. The easiest way, however, is to simply wait until the Firefox installed on your computer offers you the update itself for installation.

Review: That brought Firefox 103

Firefox 103 brought many security improvements. With Firefox 103.0.1, the developers have eliminated problems with hardware acceleration on newer AMD graphics cards and a crash that could occur due to an error in the audio manager when exiting Firefox. Read more about this in Firefox 103.0.1: Hardware acceleration for newer AMD graphics cards.

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