Firefox 105 update fixes seven security vulnerabilities

With the new browser version Firefox 105, Mozilla closes at least seven security gaps and brings some new functions. Updates are also available for Firefox ESR and Thunderbird.

Mozilla has released Firefox 105.0 and Firefox ESR 102.3. The developers mainly fixed vulnerabilities and other bugs. Firefox should now run more stable when memory is tight. Finger gestures on a touchpad are supported on Windows.

The Firefox 105 update fixes at least seven security vulnerabilities, of which Mozilla identifies three or more as high risk. Mozilla only lists vulnerabilities found internally in summary form, without specifying their number. According to Mozilla, one or the other of these could potentially be exploited to inject and execute code. Attacks on Firefox vulnerabilities are currently not known. Via the “≡ menu

» Help » About Firefox”

you can trigger the update manually.

Few innovations in Firefox 105

If you want to print a web page, Firefox 105 gives you the option to print only the first page in the preview. On Windows, you can use a two-finger gesture to move back and forth in the timeline. If the free memory is running low, Firefox should still run stably. Mozilla has improved the way Windows and Linux run out of memory.

The complete Firefox 105 changelog can be found here at Mozilla.

Firefox developers have been working for some time on handling the cookie dialogs that appear when a website is accessed. These efforts are given fresh relevance with the recent sale of the “I don’t care about cookies” browser extension to Avast. As Sören Hentzschel reports, previous users of the add-on are anything but happy about it. However, it is not yet known when Firefox will be able to take over this function itself.

▶The latest security updates

Firefox ESR and Thunderbird

Version 102.3.0 of the new Firefox ESR 102.x generation released in June received its third security update. In it, the developers have plugged at least six gaps that Mozilla also closed in Firefox 105. Internally detected memory corruption could be exploited to execute injected code.

A new version of Tor Browser, based on Firefox ESR 102.3, is not yet available but should be available shortly.

Thunderbird 102.3 is an update for the new mailer generation introduced in June. This fixes several vulnerabilities that the mail program inherited from Firefox in particular. There are also a number of bug fixes.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 106 and Firefox ESR 102.4 on October 18, with Firefox 107 and Firefox ESR 102.5 to follow on November 15.

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