Firefox 98.0.2: Update fixes some bugs

Mozilla fixed with the update to Firefox 98.02. some bugs of the previous version of his browser.

While Firefox 98.0.1 was not a technical but a political update – because of the Russian attack on Ukraine ordered by Putin – Mozilla has released Firefox 98.0.2, a browser update with technical changes. As always with such updates with low version numbers, these are only bug fixes and not new features.

As Firefox expert Sören Hentzschel writes in his blog, the update fixes, for example, a problem that could lead to Firefox on the Mac no longer responding to entries in the address bar under certain circumstances. In addition, another issue related to the session history that could lead to some iFrames not being loaded correctly should now be fixed. In addition, the developers solved a compatibility problem of the “browser.pkcs11.isModuleInstalled WebExtension” method on the macOS and Linux operating systems. The list of bug fixes also includes several fixed crash causes. You can read the complete changelog with all bug fixes here at

Update comes by itself

As always, the following applies to Firefox updates: The browser already installed will automatically offer you the installation. So you don’t have to download a new Firefox version if you already have Firefox installed on your computer. But if you haven’t installed Firefox yet and would like to try it out now, you can download the new, virus-proof version here: Download: Firefox 98.0.2

Firefox 98.0.1: Browser update due to Ukraine war

This message informs you about all innovations of Firefox 98: Firefox 98 is available and brings important innovations.

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