Firefox 98 is available and brings important innovations

Firefox 98 is rolling out to users and includes an important innovation that affects the download manager.

Firefox 98 is now being delivered to users via the integrated auto-update function. The developers use this to fix various minor errors and close security gaps. According to the Mozilla Bulletin, Firefox 98 has a total of seven security gaps, four vulnerabilities are rated “high” and the rest are rated “moderate”.

Changes in Firefox download behavior

With Firefox 98 there is a fundamental change in the download manager. Starting with Firefox 98, downloads are downloaded immediately and the user is no longer asked in which folder a download should be saved. Right-clicking on a download in the download panel displays several options in the context menu. This includes the option of displaying the folder in which a download was saved (via: “Show in folder”). Additionally there are the self-explanatory options “Go to download page”, “Copy download link”, “Delete”, “Remove from history” and “Clear list”.

The developers explain the change as follows:

“In this release, you’ll also notice that Firefox no longer asks what to do for each file by default. You’re no longer prompted to choose a helper application or save to disk before downloading a file, unless , You have changed your download action setting for this file type.”

Settings for the download manager

The corresponding setting for the “Download Action” can be found in the Firefox settings under “General” and “Files and Applications”. The general download folder can be specified here. In addition, you can also define what should happen with certain downloads. For example, that a PDF file should be opened in Firefox or another application that supports PDFs immediately after downloading. You can also choose to automatically open a JPG file in an image editor after downloading it.

If a download is started, the download panel is also displayed automatically. In comparison to the past, you can then simply continue surfing and will not be interrupted while surfing the web by Firefox asking what should happen with a download.

If you don’t like the change, you can also opt for Firefox’s old download behavior. Just check the “Ask me where to save a file every time” option.

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