First Dates Football: These heroes set priorities


Feyenoord fan Stefan takes his job as a supporter very seriously. His date may be sweet and handsome, but there is only one thing that is really important and he immediately asks the question.

Not every Feyenoord supporter has many principles. This man, with a huge Feyenoord tattoo on his stomach, has an important demand; she cannot come from Amsterdam. But when she turns out to be pretty and has a big bosom, that accent suddenly isn’t so bad anymore. Go Ajax!


The club preference is not so important for this boy, but she must know the rules. He immediately asks his date to explain offside really well.

Waiter, how much is it?

In any case, the Dutch men are still talking to their date. In England it is different, this boy is more concerned with the game than with his date and asks the waiter for the score.


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