First day Biden puts an end to Trump era: these are the 17 decrees already signed by the president

Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders or decrees in his first day at the head of the United States. The US is, among other things, re-affiliated with the Paris climate agreement and a member of the WHO.

Donald Trump, as US president, has overhauled many international treaties. He left the Paris climate agreement, refused to cooperate with the World Health Organization “because of their treatment of the Chinese virus” and blew up the nuclear deal with Iran.

Biden has not yet recovered the latter, but he has already reversed the two other decisions, along with a lot of other measures. For example, from now on Americans have to wear mouth masks in government buildings. Below you can read the full list per theme.


  • All Americans must have the next 100 days mouth masks wear and distance keep in government buildings and on government lands. Biden asks states to decide the same.
  • The US rejoins the WHO. Virologist Anthony Fauci will lead the US delegation.
  • There comes a Covid-19 Coordinator, who will report directly to Biden and manage the distribution of vaccines and medical equipment.


  • It ban on evictions will be extended until at least March 31st.
  • Until September 30, Americans have their student debt do not pay off and no interest is added.


  • The US is rejoining it climate agreement of Paris. That process will take a month.
  • Construction of the controversial oil pipeline Keystone XL will be discontinued. In addition, Biden is asking his administration to reverse more than 100 Trump’s climate decisions.


  • The so-called 1776 commission, founded by Donald Trump to share his vision of “patriotic education”, is being shut down. The committee received a lot of criticism because the view on slavery is not entirely historically correct and therefore incorrect information ended up with students.
  • Employees are allowed do not discriminate based on sexuality or gender identity.


  • Also non-residents must be included in the census and thus in the distribution of parliamentary seats, which is a reflection of the number of inhabitants.


  • Children entering the country illegally as migrants are still accepted. Trump tried the rights of those so-called Dreamers to limit.
  • The travel ban for people from seven Muslim countries is reversed.
  • A number of extensions of immigration legislation are contained again.
  • The construction of the wall at the Mexican border will be discontinued.
  • Liberians who have fled to the US cannot be deported until June 30, 2022.


  • Major politicians must sign a document in which they promise not in their own interest act and respect the independence of the Ministry of Justice.


  • The institute responsible for regulation must consider whether there are modernizations to be possible.


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