First deliveries: New owners present the Tesla Model 3 after being refreshed for 2021

In the USA and Canada, deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 in the refreshed version presented in mid-October for the 2021 model year have begun, and the first copies are available for inspection in Hong Kong. This ensures that new material comes in via the Tesla refresh: Two new owners in North America have examined their revised Model 3 for the first videos, in Hong Kong an observer showed a refreshed copy, also from the US plant in Fremont, in a Tesla showroom in front.

Tesla Model 3 with double lens

Technically new findings are not included in the videos – none of the three filmmakers bothered to remove the slightly smaller Frunk tub, behind which there has recently been an energy-saving heat pump for air conditioning. In the video from Hong Kong, however, the tailgate, which is now electrically opening and closing, is demonstrated. And the moderator demonstrates that the new Tesla Model 3 is equipped with double glazing on the sides – but only at the front, the rear side windows are still simple.

The new center console in the Model 3 caused a lot of discussion when the refresh was presented. Its surface is now matt instead of glossy, which was generally well received. But the console also got a chrome clasp and padding on the edge, which makes it look a bit more baroque than its minimalist predecessor – not all Tesla fans and interested parties liked that by a long way. As the video from the Canadian new owner shows, the new sliding mechanism for the console compartment works well and it is illuminated from the inside.

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At the beginning of his own video, Instagram user kawikados was very busy with the console. The two charging places for smartphones could be too narrow for the largest new iPhone, he fears, but gives the all-clear in another respect: Even when accelerating fully, his phone was not thrown out of the sloping charging tray. And kawikados shows that the sun visors are now held magnetically. Like the Canadian new owner, however, he cannot determine that the steering wheel is now heated. There have been rumors about it, he says, and the function may still be enabled via software.

New aero cover, same rims

Apparently as the first customer in Canada ever, Mahdi Askarzadeh received a refreshed Tesla Model 3 and even published two videos about it. In the first, he shows, among other things, the new, simpler aero cover on the rims – which, however, remained unchanged underneath. In a second YouTube post he confirms that the steering wheel is still unheated. And he discovers that the front headlights of the Model 3 can now be adjusted on the touchscreen.


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