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First Disney production with main gay character: ‘Out’

Went on Friday, May 22 Out premiered on the Disney + streaming service. It is a short film by Pixar about a gay boy who shares his orientation with the world. It is the first time that Pixar, and by extension Disney, has given the lead role to a gay character in a production.

Pixar has had a good habit since the 1990s to release high-quality short films to the public as a bonus. Out is a nine minute animated short. In the lead role we have Greg, a boy who is going to live with his friend Manuel.
When his parents unexpectedly help him with the move, he panics. Greg told them that he is actually gay and that Manuel is his partner. Out carefully depicts the internal struggles and the path that Greg travels in coming out. Steven Clay Hunter directs.

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A few months ago Pixar already released the animated film Onward from. This also featured a gay character, namely a cyclops with the voice of Lena Waithe. She did not star in the film, but was the first in a Disney or Pixar production to explicitly portray herself as gay.

Pixar also received a lot of criticism of the character. For example, some believe that the Cyclops was portrayed too stereotyped and ugly. Others are of the opinion that it should not be an important item in the media that Disney presents gay characters in 2020.

It was previously whispered that some Disney characters were homosexual. For example, imagine the “manners” of the evil lion Scar The Lion King and the two women walking behind a pram together Finding Dory. However, it was never explicitly said that these characters are homosexual.

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That’s not the only LGBT news at Disney yet. For example, Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel who is also part of Disney, announced that there will be many gay characters in Disney productions in the future. It would even be a main character again. That said Feige in an interview with the American magazine People.

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