First images of the LG OLED EX Lifestyle series appeared!

The LG OLED.EX is intended to add another lifestyle variant to the TV lineup
The LG OLED.EX is intended to add another lifestyle variant to the TV lineup

With the LG OLED.EX, the Korean TV manufacturer has another 4K OLED TV up its sleeve. The model could be officially presented in March 2021.

So far we have only been able to see the product images of the LG OLED.EX. In addition, we were able to link the model to LG Electronics or LG Display via a brand entry. The model is somewhat reminiscent of the G8 series from 2018, in which the so-called “display-on-glass” design was used. The slim OLED display is “glued” to a glass plate, which should provide the 4K OLED television with additional stability. At the same time, the “complete work” remains very lean. The OLED. Logo, which was attached to the top right of the glass plate, is reminiscent of the LOEWE TV models. We do not yet know what is behind the “EX” in the name. Extravagant? Extremes? Experience?

One thing is certain, LG is probably not quite through with the OLED lineup in 2021 and before you fall in love with an OLED model from 2021, you should perhaps wait for the announcement of the EX. Whether it’s just a chic lifestyle TV, or whether the model has special features such as a smaller 42-inch size or a higher-performance OLED display like the one installed in the G1, can only be speculated about at this point in time .

OLED.EX with five HDMI 2.1 inputs?

Our last picture shows the back of the LG OLED.EX and already reveals all available connections. In addition to a TV tuner and what looks like a 3.5mm headphone connection, we can also see five HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port (LAN) and a digital audio output (S / PDIF). So far, there is no USB port. It is also unclear whether the connections are HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1. The division of the HDMI ports suggests that both variants are present. In addition, you can see the cable routing in the base of the OLED.EX very well in the picture.

We are excited to see when LG Electronics will officially announce the new model and what the final specifications will be.


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