First look: Windows 11 gets a new default theme

Windows Insiders are allowed to test a new version of Windows 11. Microsoft also integrates the new “Spotlight” theme into this.

Shortly before Easter, Windows Insiders will receive a new test version with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22598 to try out. Microsoft is integrating further new functions into this, which are to be delivered to all Windows 11 users later this year with the Windows 11 22H2 function update.

There are various special features of the insider preview. This includes, for example, the ability to download build 22598 in the form of ISO files. With these ISO files, a new Windows 11 installation can be carried out, in which Windows 11 is then also up to Build 22598 without having to be updated via Windows Update beforehand.

New default theme for Windows 11: Windows Spotlight

The other special feature is

Windows Spotlight:

This is a new desktop theme for Windows 11. On Windows 11 computers, Windows Spotlight should greet users as the default theme after switching on for the first time and the previous Windows 11 standard background (a kind of blue flower shaped out of fabric ) substitute. At least when Windows Spotlight is well received by the testers.

The background can be changed with a mouse click


The background can be changed with a mouse click


Windows Spotlight fades in changing, chic wallpapers. Depending on the image displayed, the color of the taskbar and window also changes. Users can rate whether they find a motif beautiful and change the background with one click. With a small number of Windows Insiders, Microsoft is even testing the display of backgrounds in 4K quality.

The other changes and improvements in build 22598

There are other changes in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22598. The new media player app gets more features. The media player now shows more details about music albums and artists when a song is played. Users are allowed to switch between two views when browsing their music collection. All albums are displayed in one view and all songs are grouped by albums in the second view.

Furthermore, various bug fixes are implemented, from which the taskbar, the start menu, the task manager and the file explorer benefit.

For a complete overview of all changes, see the build 22598 release notes.

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