First milestone achieved: 100,000 Austrians have already been vaccinated

On Saturday morning there was the first, small milestone in vaccination: Around one percent of Austrians were vaccinated (88,590).

According to projections by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the 100,000th dose of a Covid vaccine was administered in Austria on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m.

Link: Overview of the vaccination progress on the website of the Ministry of Health (live extrapolation)

Anschober: All Austrians willing to vaccinate vaccinated by the end of June

And if the vaccine doses are delivered as expected and the Astra Zeneca vaccine is approved on January 29th, all Austrians willing to vaccinate could be immunized by mid-June, the Minister of Health confirmed.

Vaccinations so far only with Biontech and Moderna vaccines

Of the two approved vaccines, Austria will receive 999,375 doses from Biontech / Pfizer and 200,000 doses from Moderna by the end of March. In addition, a further 2,166,073 doses should arrive in Austria in the first quarter if the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is approved.

Curevac is expected to be the fourth vaccine to be approved. It is still unclear when and how many doses could arrive.

Side effects

In the case of around 80,000 people vaccinated, any serious side effects must be documented. By Friday morning there were only eleven reports (0.013 percent) about problems.


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